Past Games

Our game is about searching in a house means to stop the evil that is holding hostage a boy and his dog.
A Way Home is about finding your way to where you belong while visiting old memories to build your path to this place.
A furture town suffers from the lockdown of all information. The town, however, hungers for the information and requires someone to aid in this task.
In this little game, inspired by the classic Pressure Cooker and more recent games such as Burger Island and Cake Mania, the player will be helping Cally, our voodoo expert, to deliver custom made rit
Wow! Such saga, much candy! Control your enemies to suit your will and beat the level. Find the door and beat the game!
NOT COMPLETED this game aimed to display the hazards of trash food with cool art and a fun retro arcade style. We used two games as references: Bobble Bobble and Bomber Jack. We intented to place this game in the OUYA, but the time was short.
In this good old school Beat em Up game you should be prepared to face the most dangerous creatures of the world: The Junk Food Clan!
Travel as far as possible either using a Caterpillar or a butterfly in an endless loop.
Board game where the player must be the last one on the board by avoiding being in the wrong place when the board shifts.
Game aimed for NO GRAPHICS
An evil genius makes a time portal and bring Pandas 10 Maias to a death dome. Pandas or maias will face extinction in a death dome created by an evil genius. Who will survive? Multiplayer game to play with your beloved one, friends and family. Rules: * Each opponent has 5 lives (population) * Each player can be killed by the opponent flying over him * Each time a player die a life is lost * Players can earn lives by collecting offspring on the level * Players can collect their opponent`s offspring, preventing their foe to earn a live * Whoever lost all lives is extinct. Controls: Player 1: A- accelerate left D- accelerate right W- accelerate up Player 2: Arrow left- accelerate left Arrow right- accelerate right Arrow up- accelerate up We are aware of several minor bugs, but they wont spoil your fun! =O)

Hearty Games