Past Games

Build the hive! In this minimalist puzzle game, just tap and drag the honeycomb clusters to match the outline of the hive's shape.
Grag is a retired spy, but the boss has one more mission for him. Follow the sound of a cell phone ringing to figure out which door his phone is hidden behind. Hurry!
Set sail towards lands unknown - aboard your stalwart paper boat - to save the captured prince! Click or tap the water to create a wave that will push your boat towards your goal.
With the Eternal Clock broken, time is running out. It's your job to save the world. In Hele & Celine: Clock Winders, two characters try to take on the colossal task in a day's time.
Grab the goods and get out! Museum de Gris is home to an eclectic collection of valuable art and artifacts. You play as Robbert, a cunning thief with a taste for expensive things.
Move between the perspectives of different animals in the zoo in order to escape captivity in this puzzle/sandbox game.