Rubem Medeiros

Past Games

We asked ourselves what is home for eusocial living beings like ants or bees. Se we came upon a game concept about sub-aquatic eusocial creatures, where different specializations of the same species
Mendel is a farmer from primal times. He must find the right seeds to get thought his nightmares.
Physics Puzzle plataformer where light becomes sound with Klimt aestetics. Keyboard: Controls WASD or arrows, Space and 'K' Gamepad: Left Stick, A and X buttons
It is a simulator of Mexican Wave, you must control the exact moment in which the supporter participates of Mexican Wave in the soccer stadium. É um simulador de Ola, você deve controlar o momento
Two-Player strategy game about gardening with folk aesthetics (Cordel) and music (Baião) from northeast region of Brazil. When all things on Earth just seams wrong, what do we do know?
You are a musical drone alone in a chaotic musical world. You must harmonize the creatures in the world. Controls: arrows or WASD + mouse left button. (Unfortunately an unfinished and buggy game.