Past Games

You are all very skilled repair entrepreneurs competing in the same line of business, circling the town and looking for potholes in your cars.
You are Hildebard Hoover™, a medieval vacuum cleaner salesman trying to repair time itself by retracing your steps and selling a new vacuum cleaner to the king.
You must breed. You must mutate. You must conquer. Transmutation is a four-player game about diversifying your gene pool, breeding and transmitting genes (both favorable and unfavorable).
The Deity of Death demands human sacrifices, but you would much rather feed it your action-mimicking voodoo dolls (while trying not to get eaten yourself).
Food wastage has been illegalized, so you and your trusty randomized cake prototype machine are forced to expand into foreign markets.
Going to the store with a thumpin' soundtrack! You are an obese man with social anxiety disorder and a will to die by clogging your arteries. Unfortunately, your slow and peaceful suicide attempt is hindered by your refrigerator's emptiness. Buy unhealthy items from the grocery store while avoiding too much exercise and interaction with other people. With enough successful trips to the store (and a lethal diet consisting mainly of bacon, butter and buckets of cheese), you might finally be able to die of cardiac arrest without anyone noticing. EDIT: Scratch that; you just go to the store and are fatter the next time you go there. Collect some items and check yourself out. There's that, at least.