Rodrigo Ballon

Past Games

Permite a los niños elegir el significado del hogar a partir del entendimiento de cada historia plasmada por nivel en el juego. El juego consta de dos jugadores. JUGADOR 1: Distribuirá las cartas de
Local 3v1 Game, 4 micro organism try to collect as many food as they can, what they don't know is that theres an infected one among them. Survive and collect enough food to overcome the infectio
A high-score game where you can save the life of a server or fail trying. Play alone or with a friend depending on your multitasking abilities. Defy your own limits or surpass other scores.
You die, and die, and die again, untill you find a way to die forever. You are cursed by a evil ritual that makes you inmortal, after seeing all your love ones die before your eyes, you decide its ti