Roberto Sedda

Past Games

A very bad man did something awful about twenty years ago, together with a number of other bad people. Now, he would like to repair what he did.
A political visual novel. A bold Prime Minister, a dandy Foreign Minister, a law ready to be promulgated that could change the life of thousands and an unexpected ending.
We are in the First World War, October 1918. A deserted American soldier looks for his son in the trenches to escape the war and go to a neutral country ... so at home
A paper-and-pencil narrative game on a mysterious Power that flows strong in the blood of a family since dawn of time. For 4 players.
Rogue like game, control your character through hordes of enemies to warn the others of the perils of the demons!
Four Civilizations of the Sea living on huge City-Animals, produce, compose and decompose, spread in hexagonal waves and collect resources in the Sea!
A narrative game set in the '50s, somewhere in the States, during that year oppressive heat wave.