Past Games

You're a reaper of lost souls skidding down the Styx.
Help pet owners find their lost pets! Roll the dice to move around the board. If you land on an upside down card, take a peek to see which animal is under it.
Communication is a cooperative 2D platformer where your characters go inside the minds of two people in conflict and work to repair their relationship.
One player controls a Roomba while the other player controls a cat who is trying to prevent the Roomba from cleaning the house.
As the tides come in to the beautiful renaissance city of Venice, causing currents and waves to flow through the canals, help to manage the watergate system so that delivered goods can be transported
You awake in the belly of the beast, alone, with the promise of companionship. Find your friend, achieve happiness. Based off I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison, Corpus Noctem is a Cooperative 3D exploration puzzle game where 2 players must assist each other in finding their friend deep within the bowels of the sociopathic super computer AM's maze. But will AM allow the players happiness? Instructions: Players must find switches in each room to unlock their friends door to allow them to advance to the next room. Players must communicate vocally to find their next objective and find each other.