Ricardo Toureiro Dias

Past Games

Home is what you make of it. It can be your own cozy little place that you decorated. Or with the people you choose to be nice to(or be mean to, I guess).
Influence a Soviet Submarine by communicating with your crew through morse code. You are a sonar operator and must survive these capitalist pig waters by using morse code to send instructions to th
This is a Party game where you have to fight other penguins to stay in the last block of solid ice available, This is because of Global Warming, Thanks Obama.
A local population is being threatened by the impeding eruption of a volcano.
In deep space you'll find Ptolomy, a solar system where a group of planets have to work together to reconstruct it's lost star.
GEOJOY is a game about joy and relationships with others who see things in a different light, learning how to play together for the win.