Reverend Speed

Past Games

A social sim/ space shooter where you have to bond with your ship’s subsystems and not die in the process. **Space shooter how-to** Your goal is to protect the mothership from the asteroids usin
Facilitate couriers by opening doors - delays in deliveries will cause feuds to arise between courier teams, causing the enviroment to become more hostile.
Manipulate the frequency of a lasers wave length to progress through a mysterious set of puzzles.
This house is not clean. It requires an exorcist. Candles and Incense will help you drive out the spirits.
Keep the egg alive, don't let its life light fade. See what it turns into and how can it help you through this dangerous grey-scale world.
Cursor left and right to run, space to jump! Murdered, your heart ripped from your chest - search the underworld, find your heart and you may return to life! Vigor is rewarded - the longer you run, the faster you run and the further you jump! Elements within the world will respond to your exertion, moving in sympathy with the quickening of your hidden heart - so taking a moment to find your calm may make parts of your journey easier.