Past Games

Platformer in which you try to repair a sentence. Both players try to cancel each others: the Angel's goal is to form a Good sentence, while the Devil tries to be mean.
Your owner just left home, and you want to be the best dog ever for his return! Complete missions you think will make your owner happy by moving objects to their correct locations.
The video game version of "Dinner for One". Move with WASD - Sprint shift. Increase and decrease drunkness with V and B respectively.
A game about shouting, you need to connect two microphones to your computer "somehow". Adjust the volume settings for them and disable all other devices.
A game that utilises Macky Macky where both players have a loaf of bread on their hands. The person that manages to slap the other persons bread earns a point
You find yourself in open air quickly falling towards the ground, look around for hints and write an item to add to your fantastic "Save Yourself Device" in order to surivive the fall. Th
A game in which 4 players venture through a randomly-generated cave. Cooperate to get past obstacles in an attempt to get as far as possible, or sabotage each-other to see who can get the farthest.
A 2D game where the player can switch between day and night time to solve easy puzzles in order to get to the end. The environment will slightly change when switching between night and day, making the night more threathening. The game is time based, which means the player must get to the end of the map before the time runs out in order to complete the game. The game is based on the sound of a beating heart, where the beating is the time indicator of the player.