Past Games

You, as a disobedient kid, have decided to go against your mothers wish's and go into the dreaded foam pit.
The flies are about to push the honey onto your side which will cause a massive wave of honey to crush all of your hopes and dreams.
A weird city follows an odd cult called the Chuch of Bob. What you must do for him, no one knows...
1-4 players. Convicts....can work together to escape this hellish prison... OR Beat up your inmate buddies. HOW-TO: Push the sliding blocks onto pressure pads or stand on pressure pads to s
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold" W.B. Yeats, "The Second Coming" When we look at our homes, we do not see a collection of objects but a reflection of ourselves.
Run! Freakin' RUN! That cop is gonna get ya cause you stole from a blood bank, ya crazy Heart Bandit! A & D or Left & Right arrows tapped repeatedly to gain speed. Space, Up, and W to jump. Don't run too fast you'll explode!
Full-Circle is a game about living your life out in an abstract dream in little over a minute cycle.

Hearty Games