Past Games

You have been tasked with renovation this house. Now, get rid off all the old stuff!!! Throw all the furniture before the time runs out.
4 player co-op shooter game which you have to protect your transmitter tower and also upgrade it to finish the game.
You'll help our primitive tribe with their Totems and their Rituals by competing in several mini games in this fun little mobile game.
a game
With the new advancement in medical technology now doctors can cure their patients from inside of their bodies. All your patients has different sicknesses. Gotta cure them all! Play the game from https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5181305/op_treatment/index.html.
In depths of hell, damned to die and come back to life just to die again. You cannot save yourself, but you can save the others. To end the suffering, you begin your journey.
You are the embodiment of human progression, the consumer guy. As you walk onto earth, your energy diminishes. You could eat trees, windmills, sun panels, factories or power plants each will have a different effect on you. But you have to make sure that your pollution levels still at a liveable state, if you max out your pollution level, you will die. Also you could run out of energy to travel.
Grand tale of a wizard who is trying to get rid of the virus on his computer. You are the virus.