Past Games

Puzzle game about power transformations and transmission of energy
What can you do when you are a kid that hates vegetables but your mother forces you to eat them? That’t easy! Just hop in on your imaginary spaceship and destroy all of those nasty vegetables.
Nara is a very naughty kitty that loves to play, especially with humans. One fine day, Nara was so bored that he decided to escape his enclosure in search of adventure!
The Game is about the last shaman on earth, and his powers are fading. He have to pass his powers to a new Shaman, but the humanity is hopeless, he decides to pass his powers to someone more close to the heart of nature. The one who answers the call of his drums is a small racoon, named Tink. And this is his journey to reconnect the spirits to the heart of his land, and bring balance to a sick world. Tink becomes the last apodelho, and must use his drums to connect with the heart of the spirits or creatures, and evoke or change they`r feelings.

Hearty Games