Past Games

You play a bat-like alien creature, lost in a cave, looking for his Mama. The cave is dark and dangerous, and you need to activate your sonar-shriek to scan your environment. But alas!
You play as a young man possessed by demonic spirits. In order to ease the pain your goal in each level is to complete a specific ritual by using your blood.
a Douche bag news anchor tries to get through a news cast without making an emotional mistake. News articles can be delivered in many ways, each way affects the way we perceive the content of said
Top-down skill-based maze game, in which you play as a white blood cell injected into a sick body, to cure the heart. The player have limited visibility that represents also his\her health - the larger you visibility radius is, the more health you got. As you advance through randomized mazes you will hear the heart's beats, which will lead you in a general direction of finding it. There are red blood cells to collect along the way that will increase your health\visibility, as well as enemies such as viruses and bactria which will try to end your quest of saving the heart. When you get to the heart at long last you will have to sacrifice your health for it to heal , but that demands a certain among of health - so you have to be careful that it will not kill you before you reached the required amount! LOTS of bugs and features not done yet, but we are working on it and will let you all know when the full version is finished :D

Hearty Games