Past Games

The characters are based on The Little Red Hood story. Little Red Hood has to repair her world. The colors were stolen by the Wolf so everything is broken and in black and white.
This game is dedicated to the ones who ask "Where is your home?" every day: Taxi drivers. Control multiple taxis simultaneously to escort people home safely.
Control two characters to reach the city at the end of the road. Face puzzles that are not possible to solve with single character. PS: RIP DoDo
There are 3 different realities which are red, green and blue and the player has an ability open a rift to see different realities. This game is made by Doğucan Solak, Yiğit Çakar, Emre Tuner, Batuha
This game about a robot competition. They do not have heartbeats, but they have their footsteps. :) You can use "A" "D" buttons for single player control. For Multiplayer, User 1 uses "A" "D", User 2 uses "Right" and "Left" arrow keys.

Hearty Games