Past Games

You get back to your home... You found your old console, and your old memories, those that you tried to avoid for too long. Now you have to scape .
Kaydet is a game meant for 2 players, the pilot and the repair man. together they have to survive as long as they can in the enemy line
You play as a homeless guy, you are trying to save your only company. Your home is where your dog is.
Havok Levert es un científico Alemán haciendo una investigación en una lejana tundra, su equipo ha viajado a otro punto de la región, sin embargo, lo último que se sabe de ellos es la llamada de auxil
You are a big mountain, in love with a pretty hill, but everything goes wrong when the human started to habitate your valley, you must clean everything from humans using earthquakes, but beign careful
Wither Island es un juego dónde el jugador toma el papel de un chamán que debe restaurar su hogar, su isla, resolviendo acertijos y haciendo rituales para limpiar la maldad que asecha. Wither Islan
Es la historia de un niño, al cual dejan al cuidado de su abuelo. Sin saberlo las decisiones que tome en ese fin de semana, lo convertirán en alguien diferente en su vida futura.
A lonely and scared boy stands lost in the middle of a cave. Everything around him scares him.
it's the emotional journey of a little girl searching for her heart. She must face her greatest fear before achieving full happiness.

Hearty Games