Past Games

This game tells a branching story about life and death of Captain Hermann and mysterious man called Count Kiken. Does every decision really count, or is the end inevitable?
Take on tasks to salvage various items from the sprawling sewer network! Use your trusty spade to deter nasty sewer-creatures and jump your way accross the harazdous sewer!
Aid the pirates in "Fixing" ships with the help of a magical bongo-relic! DK-bongos supported!
Time to relax in your hometown fields with a game of frisbee-golf! Experience mad courses and sick tunes! Laugh at the absolutely (not) realistic physics-simulation!
A Challenging bullet-hell game with an aquatic theme! Fight your way through a challenging level filled with enemies, and two deadly bosses! Deep down in the depths of an ocean... Princess Esriel
Long time ago, colossal stone giants roamed the land. You are a shaman, and it is your sworn duty to resurrect these giants, and bring glory to your lineage.

Hearty Games