Past Games

It's a simple local multiplayer rhythm game about time feel. Press Enter (or "Start" with Xbox Controller) and the metronome starts ticking.
It's a local multiplayer game about sending and receiving pieces of little red squares. The game is played with two players, each player has a button: A and B with an Xbox, "A" and &
A first-person action about connecting transmitters by clicking on them, so that we can transmit the message across one transmitter to another.
You chant, your minions do. No really, you chant. Stop motion animations, real time vocal pitch input.
Jamissaries is a multi player chess-like strategy game.
This is a multiplayer shooter in which, standing players can only see the other standing players and moving players can only see other moving players.
A cooperative runner game where the first player controls the speed via microphone and the second player tries to avoid obstacles via keyboard.
A multiplayer game where you try to shoot the platforms to make your opponent fall down.
two state character who has different features in their each state. main goal is to get the key and reach the door by eliminating any kind of threats