Past Games

Top down, 2.5 D Multiplayer shooter.
You are a space dwarf traveling through space on a mechanical capybara. Your capybara's interstellar engines have failed. You collided with the planet and destabilized it.
You drive a car when your girlfriend starts texting you. What do you do?
Manage your anthill. Send your ants for food and protect your home.
You are the Alien on this Planet, Your space sheep was broked and now you must find the way too call for help. In this game you must find setelite and send signal to the space.
You are controller of air traffic radar station, its rush hour. Sky above you is full of planes and geese. Try to avoid collision at all costs.
Everyone has his own ritual every morning. Here are main goal - Predict morning habit of Alexander. You ve got 40minutes.
You are the mayor of Central European WhatCity. In front of you a lot of important decisions. Take it , take risks , be a responsible leader.

Hearty Games