Philip Edwards

Past Games

Swim with WASD or the arrow keys to find your four lost children. Use the Spacebar to shoot a sonar blast to drive away the squid keeping you away from your mate in the center of the ocean.
Compete 1v1 repairing broken robots by matching heads with legs and send them to attack your enemy! Don't let enemy robots reach your side or else they blow up and you lose a life.
You awaken in a pile of awesome assets and programming made by lots of talented people. In a valuable learning experience that did not become a playable game.
Spread is a 2D single player game where the player is a virus trying to infect as many cells as possible. The game takes place on the cellular level of a creature.
OVERVIEW: Starflocks 64 is an 8 player game focusing on cooperating together as a school of fish. Swimming in groups gives a speed boost making it easier to find food while avoiding predators.
Multiplayer arena battles with a color cycling collision mechanic. You can only collide with tiles that are the same color as your player.

Hearty Games