Petteri Ellonen

Past Games

This is a simple prop hunt game. Some players are props, the rest are hunters. Hunter can catch props by shooting them. Random events force players to move more ensuring lots of action.
The player is supposed to fix and improve other game studios' games. Quick How-tos can be found inside the game. Requires network connection
Gods are angry against one another for choosing to host their rave party at the same time. Choose a side and try to persuade as many people to your party as possible.
Drive with your other half of the brain together against another racer (NOT IMPLEMENTED) Supports multiplayer through LAN connection (NOT IMPLEMENTED) Controls Player1: W (Accelerate) A (Turn
Players combat using sound waves. The idea is to push the other players off the arena.
You are a lonely wizard on your way to destroy the evil that dwells deep inside the dark catacombs.
mEcc is a local two-players game where the players have to cooperate to beat the game. The Sun has suddenly disappeared (what do we do now?!) because aliens stole it's energy.