Peter Armstrong

Past Games

Welcome to Little Orchard. You play as a student of Horace’s Magical School of Acrobatic Arts, the most famous circus school in your city.
Play as a crayfish that can detect metal objects buried in the ground and use said objects to solve puzzles and find your way home. Left click/left ctrl to pick up and drop items you find.
In the deepest reaches of space, a cohort of hardened interstellar Raptor convicts find themselves adrift on a gritty high-security Prison Transport.
Deco Wars - the epic battle of 2-8 housemates all moving into a new share house with one major problem...
From your space station on the edge of the solar system, launch symbols back to earth to send a complete message in the least time. Short 1 to 4 players arcade style game.
You're starving and searching the pitch-black caves for glow bugs. Beware though as you are being hunted by Ghost drones and giant mutant bugs!
A top down perspective 2D game where you summon spirits and capture them by drawing symbols on the ground.
While touring the kingdom on his royal palanquin, the King is attacked by rebels. You and three other guards are the king's last hope.