Past Games

Murray is dead. And he’s a long way from home. Slingshot Murray from the murky depths of the underworld to reunite him with his family above ground, collecting memories of his life along the way.
Hello little robot! It appears your ship has crashed, and your battery is running down, let’s get these repairs done and escape this moon! Hello little robot!
Searching between the sofa cushions for a missing key, but what else is down there? Every item to you find tells a little piece of the story of your life and friendships.
Thank you for choosing the Tele_Verse Education System! Simply listen to the video clips and repeat what you hear. With Tele_Verse learning can be fun! !nuf eb ginnrael sereV_eleT htiW .ra
A narrative game about travelling through a long forgotten war zone looking for the apparatus you need to survive.
You are an acolyte tasked with maintaing a pyre for a fallen hero using a series of sacred totems. Each totem must be uncovered by completing a series of rites.