Pamela Pizarro-Ruiz

Past Games

It's recess and Mitzi can't seem to find her best friend Gene, where did he go?
The Earth is in trouble. Oil spills, deforestation, and air pollution are destroying our planet.
Its time for egg to go to the place she calls home, follow her on her commute and explore!
"I love you" is a cute not-so-endless runner game where you play as a phone message running down telephone wires to make it to the important person waiting to recieve you.
Rūaumoko is a top down adventure game where you follow Rūaumoko, the Maori god of earthquakes as he is awoken in his sleep by a strange shifting of the tectonic plates. He must travel across the plates using his seismic powers to defeat the spreading threat and find the source of what woke him up. (we couldn't find a programmer so this is just the assets)