Pablo Canaveris

Past Games

You're the jungle couples counsellor, and your job is to mend the often toxic relationships of your primate friends.
The fourth power. You play the role of a journalist, decide which news have more importance and manipulate the outcome of the political struggles of your country.
Trashmission, a game about getting your physics based wave signal transmitted through a set of obstacles.
The game it's about a tibetan monk and a dragon who wants to scape.
2 player local PvP in inflatables inside a pool sorrounded by spikes using water waves to push each other towards the spikes.
In a post-apocalyptic jam, a 'Programmer guy' have troubles to deliver the final game on deadline.
Llega el tan esperado fin de semana, y como es tradición... hoy hay partido! Asegúrate de llevar todo lo necesario para una tarde de pasión futbolera, y a alentar a tu equipo!
Two cults battle to the death performing rituals to invoke demons. Only one cult will survive.