Ove Andreas Olsen

Past Games

In Lost Milk Boy, you run an orphanage and you want to earn extra money by getting the finder's salary for missing children that appears on the back of milk cartons.
This is a game that represents the world of a Norwegian children show of the 1960s. You are trapped in this surreal dimension of psycodelical happenings of fuckery. Find the 7 keys, and escape bef
You're a alien symbiosis trying to assimilate everyone into you and you into everyone.
You are a trailer park hillbilly skeleton, bone farmer. Your wife is angry with you because she has no signal for her TV, and she can't watch her shows. You have to create a new and bigger ante
Two siblings hide from an evil monster.
Drug Cop is an arcade running game. Set in 1982 Miami, where the biggest drug innovation that the world have ever seen are taking place.
We misspelled bed flight simulator. Oooops. 2 PLAYER BED FIGHT GAME: YAAAAAAAAA