Past Games

Two players work together to win a robot race! Pilot needs a game pad. Mechanic uses keyboard and mouse.
First person platformer/shooter where various things cause a shockwave that erases tiles around you. Try to get to the switchback after the small platforms (level is unfinished). Controls: L
A graphical choose-your-own-adventure type thing. Please note that if the bot ever punches you, the game enters a state where you can't interact with anything anymore and must be restarted.
Rusted Embers is a Myst-like game. You are one of the few survivors of the destruction of the Earth.
Sort of a moody, pipe puzzle type thing. Sadly, there is no win condition and if you fall down you just kinda keep falling :/
Once upon a time there was a wizard that discovered the magic of life, the universe and everything…the magic of the Gods. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to travel throughout this realm and gather the wizards magic; the journey will be perilous, but those who manage to obtain the scrolls and escape these worlds of nightmare should be wise enough to use the magic. Now go forth, if you dare, and enter The Bit Dungeons of Ourobeardos.