Omer Zadok

Past Games

Mobzerella is a 3D scans based game - All characters and buildings are actual real life models scanned and put into the game! You live in an Italian neighborhood controlled by two mafia familie
On a normal sunny day , An acorn fell far away from it's squirrel friend. Play as the acorn and try to get to tree top where your friend is . Move with A + D , Jump on SPACE .
The sewers are flooding with filth.. Horror pixel sidescroller/platformer with 2D lights Fix the pipes to save yourself from a gruesome pixelized death underwater Gameplay: * Random pipes leak
What is a home if not a family on the brink of collapse, trying to help their kid to prosper?
Kill mutating zombies while you mutate with them. Survive! Espace! In TranZmission the disease-like elements of zombie hordes create a unique dynamic every time you play.
This is a top down local multiplayer programming game. to control blue: use 1-5 numbers above letters. to control red: use 1-5 numbers in num-pad. you need to set the action that you have in th