Oliver Getz

Past Games

The player arrives at an abononed island. They quickly finds out that all the residents has gotten lost in the dungeon, and it's the players job til bring all the residents back to the town.
Help 'repair' your customers at your local cafe with a hot cup of coffee!
An epic pimple-popping game
Hermit Crab is a game about giving new homes to poor and lost hermit crabs before they die a miserable and lonely death.
Stay, Good Dog! Is a video game that is all about a friendship between a dog and his owner. You play as the dog, and you must find your way back home to the arms of your owner.
You are robot wielding a giant tuning fork. Try to smash to the beat as you defeat the evil junkyard bots! WASD controls.
2 Players work together as Spy and Operator to infiltrate the base, crack the code, and make off with the plans.
A Dinner Tragedy of Shakespearean Proportions!
Three gods are competing for your favor.
For the Atari 2600.... Do bears shoot in the woods? They do now! A frenetic deathmatch for two players... run through the leafy forest.
You had a rocking night. So rocking that you blacked out and forgot everything that happened. You awake in a strangers bed with your clothes and items scattered about the room.
An instrument that create music base one your beat pattern input.
Sending the player into a world where you can experience the different view of age.

Hearty Games