Past Games

Dino Fight is a coop-versus game stack attack with stick fight
VÍTREO é um jogo em formato puzzle 2D com elementos narrativos e filosóficos em 3ª pessoa, ambientado num mundo espelhado, em que o objetivo é conseguir fazer os personagens, um Eu e seu duplo, atrave
​Um Jogo feito durante a Global Game Jam 2022 na sede de Curitiba na PUCPR. Tema da Jam era "Duality/​Dualidade" e a ideia do jogo era desenvolver/testar mecânicas simples mas diferentes.
Two player Shmup over internet. Team up with a friend to defend freedom, your planet and Mama! Each ship vibrates in a different frequency, being perfect to defend certain shots from enemies.
A Vila Meriluu foi atacada, o grande guerreiro Tarkus foi gravemente atingido por uma magia maligna e encontra-se desacordado.
Um jogo feito na Global Game Jam 2021! Seu objetivo neste jogo é ajudar o garoto perdido a encontrar seus pais e assim como em uma praia Brasileira, você deve LITERALMENTE bater palmas para ajudar
A secret agent who needs to find and eliminate villains in the crowd, but he always loses his gun wherever he goes. In addition, villains hide because of the similarity with citizens. WASD - Contr
How about being a dog and hiding several different items from its owner just to make his life a little difficult?
Apollo is a little robot with a partner. After an EMP strikes, his companion is deactivated and lost.
Two kids must glue together all the broken objects in their home before angry mom arrives. Local multiplayer co-op.
O meio urbano, cada vez mais populoso e poluído, causa a extinção de diversas plantas e animais, dando cada vez menos espaço para a natureza.
Crane Leap is an augmented reality game based on Magic Leap glasses. Create buildings as tall as you can in your real room, and don't let any piece fall!
Our game translates the life of an ordinary citizen that works all day hard and in the end of the day, it's a journey to go back home. It's a runner in third person.
It`s an action couch party game that has the environmental theme in which four players fight for the hold of a shell that seems like the hermit crab`s home.
A game where two crabs fight for the perfect home
A casual mobile game where you play as a Sailor who wishes to protect his home, the high seas.
Yummi Yummi! What do you think Grandma's cooking next?
An alchemist creates during his experiments creates a new dimensions, so in order to fix the problem she'll need the help the her other self. Uma alquimista cria durante suas experiências nova
Buy drugs from your drug dealer and sell them to street addicts while you try to run away from the police.
Pru purupu pru purpuuupru pr prup pprupruuprr pru puprpurrpupur pr pru p pru p pru p. The infection of technology has began.
Satellight is a puzzle game about transmitting energy from a star to the planets via satellites.
[DEVE SER JOGADO EM CELULAR, DE PREFERENCIA NAVEGADOR CHROME] Você pensou ter baixado um jogo infantil sobre um urso fofinho.
The game Poseidon is about the intervention of Poseidon to the whale hunt. It's a multiplayer game where you can choose between the Hunter and Poseidon and utilize powers to battle!
Cada galinha por si! Nesta corrida contra a morte você deve fugir do Pai de Santo afim de não ser a sua próxima oferenda.
Multiplayer, every night an old lady get one of her's beautiful farm chickens, a charped axe and make the ritual happen day after day.
VR game made to the beenoculus device, have a good time travelling on the universe and doddging or destroying planets.
A man's journey to survive his wife's PMS, from inside his own mind.
Game composed of several mini games that make players think "what do I do now?".