O Penny C-r

Past Games

VR Time Machine Repair Puzzle Game that has you racing back in time to repair your time gauntlet amid a collapsing reality.
This game is inspired by the story of Odysseus's 20 year Journey home. The current scope of this game is a battle scene with the God Of The Seas, Poseidon.
A 2 player co-op platformer game that features a knight and a blacksmith working together to survive many waves of monster attacks.
This multiplayer game challenges each player to hunt down lost souls and bring them down to eternal rest.
One day, in the sinister *totally legal* laboratory / autoshop / dessert bakery of the immoral *good, totally good*, Doctor von Hase das Karnickel, a crime against nature *experiment* went horribly, h
You've entered the mirror world of the Jolly Carnival. Welcome to Dead Carnival, a place where losing a water shoot or ring toss, are the least of your worries.

Hearty Games