Past Games

You are a copy machine repairman. You receive a call during the night: a photocopier in the University has a failure, and you have to fix it. Easy job, right? Well, maybe...
H.O.M.E - Hidden On the Middle Earth is a local multiplayer game. A very nice one! All the story is about Nazgul's home. Frodo and Sam are hiding theirself in his garden...
A funny, fast-paced game in which you race other players while trying to slow them down and eliminate them. The catch?
In this 2 players game the objective of both character is to trick the other one into making him/her fall for you. By spying through their social profile, lying to a love matching application and mov
Tribal Ritual rhytmic Game
A one button game influenced by the Italian Futurism, founded by Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti, whose work entered to Public Domain on 1st January 2015