Past Games

Expandir tu zona de confort enfrentando las situaciones que te generan pánico como manifestaciones metafóricas y lograr que tu casa sea tu hogar.
FOR THE MOMENT, THIS GAME IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPANISH---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Citizens of the town of the wor
Send your troops to destroy all the walls across your path of conquer. ---------------------------------- Envía a tus tropas para destruir los muros en tu camino a la conquista.
8 player joint to complete the song
A bundle of Videogame and Physical Game: ------------------ -Videogame (for Mac and Windows): How to play: Move with W, A, S, D. Use the spacebar to hug the unsatisfied people (yellow
Plow, herd and appease the gods in this farm simulator with a dark twist. PLAY IT NOW!
Action Cards is a real life cards game combined with a videogame. Play the cards game and set objetives for your rivals to complete in a mini platform videogame.
Top view horror game focused on exploration and environmental changes based on the character sanity levels.
You are a white cell trying to get in time to your wedding. On the way, as your duty dictates, you eat virus that plague your host to earn points. The blue platforms make the blood current go slower and the red ones make it go faster. The fater you go the more points you earn, but beware not to go too fast or too slow, to prevent your host from dying.