Past Games

Remember the shapes to solves puzzles while crossing the jungle.
You are transmitting a message between one king and another. The problem is that they hate each other so much that they CANNOT agree to hear good thing about the other (or bad things about themselves
Protect the Moonbox from the space hippies by using your GROOVY & SASSY disco moves! Move using the arrows keys.
You are the sperm of evil! In this exciting racing game you must defeat other sperms and fertilize the egg that shall become the Antichrist. FER-TILIZE ANNI-HILAAAATE
A dolphin wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. To judge them is his real test, justice is his cause. Gotta judge 'em all! Choose who's guilty (press the button on the lef
An android wants to be human. She needs to destroy all the circuits inside her, marks of the artificial world, in order to become part of the natural world.