Past Games

You and your crew are escaping a desolate world to find refuge at Atlantis. As you travel your ship starts to fall apart. Your mission is the repair the ship before it’s too late.
A game about exorcising a ghost. Or was it befriending it?
A first person puzzle solving experience.
Sam got wrecked and is stranded on an island. Alas, there is no boat in sight! Time to find some driftwood and build a raft!
An ancient machine controls the weather and its creators are long gone. You must perform the ritual and come to understand its workings to save your crops.
Brave Professor Howard Qube and his associate venture forth into the Forgotten Tomb, where only teamwork can keep them alive. Can Professor Howard Qube save the day?
A murder mystery unfolds from two perspectives.
Scan the 'heartbeat' of distant stars, listening for different frequencies to determine their class and solar energy yield (lower frequency noises indicate a higher class star). Energy is necessary to scan, hyperjump, fire and take damage (see below), and will be replenished based on the local star's solar energy yield. Pivot the camera around the ship and scan for high yield stars to hyperjump to, and enemy ships emitting a low frequency humming noise (number of enemy ships displayed on bottom left, if any) . Enemy ships show up as a tiny speck of light in the horizon, which can be scanned for and destroyed when fired upon. Enemies will eventually fire upon your ship, dealing it energy damage and destroying it when energy reaches 0.
You play the Egyptian goddess Bastet and you have been trapped in a cats body while Anubis steals away your worshipers. Get to the top of the pyramid to recover your powers and following. Use your never ending lives to get past puzzles and defeat enemies.
A man struggles to comprehend as his world is coming aparart, quite literaly, he must travel through the lands to help reseolve his issues and find out what is going on.