Past Games

In this game, the two characters' perspective are swapped. Player 1 sees the camera of player 2 and vice versa.
This is a game about surviving as a group and find a way out from the house that's trying to kill you... Or about being the house, and trying to kill the habitant that are trying to leave.
Let your best friend find your peace of mind inside the 4 walls of your "beloved" home. Use the right tools to get rid of the source of annoying noises before your friend loses patience!
Transmission is key and information is vital: two players find themselves in a disconnected, glitchy world. The only way out is to help each other, for each player sees the platforms and obstacles th
A young boy wakes up in a garden and tries to return home. It's a stealth game full of enemies, be careful not to be heard! Your actions produce soundwaves, use this at your advantage.