Murilo Romera de Albuquerque

Past Games

Debugging is a hack-and-slash boss rush game where you defeat giant bugs to fix a broken game!
2D top down action puzzle game where a trans girl fights against the prejudice that affects her.
Have you ever passed through a situation where you have to fix an item which is missing a part, but you can't find the correct piece that matches it?
Korraik é um garoto que perdeu os pais em um acidente e agora é criado por sua ama Abgail, que quer acabar com sua vida para poder receber a herança da família somente para ela. O jogador controla Ko
"Churrasco" is a Brazillian habit where people gather together to eat barbecue, drink, listen to a lot of music and have fun!
Roborovski needs to serve its king! This poor hamster is obligated to run indefinitely so his master can watch TV with no interruptions.
Um jogo multiplayer, para até três jogadores. O jogo se passa em um mundo de plataforma 2D, dividido em três cenários diferentes: Novela, Western e Telejornal.
Fight against your opponent and try to push him out of the stage by smashing the ground and creating waves! Join this big deathly battle between city gangs and become the leader of the city!
Indulge yourself into a crazy cooking-ritual competition! Two cartoonish cookers must do a Super-Noodle-Ritual® pan in order to summon and please a Super-Special-Creature from another dimension.
Fabiana, uma mulher de meia idade, é deparada com uma situação incomum: a cidade na qual vive está inabitável, além de ter perdido seu filho no hospital por uma falta de energia que fez com que a incu
Guy is a ghost. He had always been trapped in a parallel dimension, but one day he scapes and discovers he's at Vanova, a small and mysterious town. Why he's there?