Past Games

Life in poles is difficult. If you are a shepherd living alone, even more. Your animals (which your life depends on) get lost every day.
Clicker game inspired by the song Tamirci Çırağı (Car Mechanic Apprentice) by Turkish poet Cem Karaca.
Credits: Murat Kalkavan, Gözde Berberoğlu Özen, Vugar Sevdimaliyev Diversifiers: Preaching to the Choir - Gather at least 10 jammers to sing a song and use it in the soundtrack of your game
It is a 2D turn-based local multiplayer experimental game which players trying to reach home.
"Universe is the home of all animals!" Paganimals explores the idea of home from the perspective of animals and how they might feel about the concept of home.
A Co-op/Betrayal Board game where 2-4 player tries to defend their neighbourhood against the gentrification.
Space Date
Selahattin, the most determined man alive, goes on one final quest to save the love of his life from the smoothest gangsters around in this retro adventure inspired by 80's Turkish cinema classic
In the far reaches of space, something terrible has awaken. It wants to destroy our city! Dreadful waves are coming! Luckily, our heroes can operate the SUPER ULTRA ANTI-WAVE MACHINES and defend ou
Dance like a wave. Use up and down keys on you game pad or keyboard to follow the leader and dance like a wave.
Ride the Trump! follows U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump as he travels across the U.S. delivering a variety of speeches and talks at a variety of venues.
About a shaman ritual trying to save a lost soul.
Short definition for english jammers: We've designed a social card game (that is meant to be played with close friends) No time to translate everything to english right now, but we will definetly
Our game is a 2 player (player vs player) action game. It is played with quick-time events as firing with random button combinations. It's about the two shoulder-angels, one being good, one being evil. They fight for turning the character to a better or worse guy. It has awesome graphics with a wonderful style. So check it out. Controls: Evil: WASD, Good: UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT
It is a tower defense game. Every enemy has own way to finish. And the towers are defensing the way. Every tower has own sound and rhythm. And the green row timer for making random music by enemies' positions.