Past Games

Wave shooter Controls: Keyboard WASD - Move Mouse - Aim Left click - Left weapon Right click - Right weapon R - Reset Gamepad Left stick - Move Right stick - Aim Left trigger - Le
Meow Multiplayer game about finding a mischievous cat, Up to five online players Android and Windows cross platform. Grand Michi Auto
Co-operative multiplayer where you have to fix/repair the different machines in order to survive. Coordination and communication is everything!
Welcome to the world in 2008, when the houses were abandoned due to the high mortage rates. Your house is now abandoned and needs to compete with others to get a family and become their home.
A multiplayer experience. Play as a World War II Submarine and beat enemy ships and submarines searched by radio transmissions. Up to four player! Press R in Game to Restart
Have fun alone or with your friends exploring underground tombs and finding treasures! Instructions: Join then select match (Coop or VS) Up to 4 players! Controls: Keyborad + Mouse: W
It's a game about meaningless soccer rituals
Todo comenzó una noche donde 3 amigos animales poco convencionales se unen para aventurarse a la zona que ha estado prohibida durante muchos años ya que una familia de cocodrilos se apoderaron de esa
Un robot llega de forma inesperada al pueblo llamado "Guevaria". Los aldeanos reciben calurosamente al robot y empiezan a recurrir a el cuando están en problemas.
¡Defiende tu corazón antes de que te de un infarto! Claro, usa las pildoras "Paka Pakapsula", te ayudarán para defenderte de los "Tapa-arterias"

Hearty Games