Past Games

This game is about a guy that wants to end his Sunday happy and satisfied, so he can start the week with energy and optimism. He is at home, looking to face the duality between joy and misery.
You have the power to heal broken objects and you need them to smash your enemies. Use ASWD to move, left click to pick and throw, and right click to heal.
In this odd planet, some cute looking creatures are in need of a very hefty resource: WiFi. They've decided it's time to connect to the internet.
Shamans fighting against each other , completing symbols to trigger spells. Online multiplayer only. You, as a shaman, discover spells as you use runes in combination with your opponents.
A small team of Black-Ops were sent to a small town in order to complete a simple mission. what they didn’t know was that an abominable monster was in a hibernating state nearby the town.

Hearty Games