Past Games

Home is where belongings of others are... Play as a thief and take whatever you can find in a seemingly empty house. Beware of simple dangers that hide the way to a very peculiar treasure...
A survival arcade game set in a post-apocalyptic scenario.
A local 4 players game featuring two teams of weird looking minions that are trying to summon an ancient deity by mixing wacky ingredients inside a pot at the center of a ritual circle. 4 controlle
"Ooooooh God! What do I do now!??" this is what goes through the head of a priest when things gets messy and nasty during his Mass.
Combines fun and fitness into one game with four combined training programs (y0g4,p1l4t3s,a3robic and z0mb4) designed for nerds. After 3 day of coding session this is the only solution to came back to real life.
A two player collaborative runner/platformer, ahem.. you have to run and jump controlling the Ouroboros snake. One player act as Death, the other as Life. There are holes and obstacles.