Past Games

A turn based grid shooter. Cleanse the world with the power of metal music
Keyboard is maltreated by an angry gamer!
You are skeleton, you fight , you heal. That's it.
Uh oh! You're suddenly awakened by a disgruntled monster under your bed. Help and nurture him to prevent him from eating you!
Transmit deadly messages in Morse-all Kombat! A one button fighting game, using morse code instead of traditional controls.
After a devastating storm, Gus found himself in a deserted island.
Try to save your tribe's fate in the yearly dance-off: The Shaman Shake. You and a friend - the rivaling tribe - will dance to the beat of the shaman, shaking that booty all the way up to the to
Try to get to the door as you encounter strange things. Enjoy the psychedelic experience.