Mikolaj Sobocinski

Past Games

It is a short interactive story written during the Global Game Jam 2020.
JUST UPDATED // The game is based on a passage from "The Books of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin, where the king interrupts a game of his friends.
Players are kids (or adults) who want to have fun at the playground.
You are an archeologist and you are dreaming about discovering a long lost civilisation... You dwell on a remote island cursing gods for your fate...
GOAL: Travel through the vast land, find friends and foes, fight monsters (and foes), make a party or do not, and find the boss room at this level's dungeon.
The aim of this board game is to set satellites and space stations in their orbits. You do it by gaining and investing Know-How (KH) when sending crafts to fly around with various measuring devices.