Past Games

Dualiteam is an awesome co-op multiplayer strategy game! You and 3 other friends take the rolls of controlling the various resources on your island. Your civilization must advance and upgrade it
The criminal snail has gotten away, please help us catch it! Beware - because all snails might look alike...
Epic couch multiplayer game, where the smartphone is used as a controller. You are 4 brothers, and you are throwing an epic party.
In this game, you control the ocean by generating powerful waves. You use these waves in order to bring your boat to safety from hazards, and collect diffrenet treasures. In the end of the game, you
In Grandparadox, you play Dank. The year is 4200 in the future. An evil dark lord, only referred to as "M", has taken over earth and enslaved humanity. Dank is part of the resistance that
Chromatika is a platform game where you play the artist who wants to paint the world in different colors.