Past Games

El robot D.E.V.Y ha sufrido ciertas malfunciones, y los mecánicos deben hacer el mayor esfuerzo por repararlo y dejarlo a su 100%.
In a shattered world, an anonymous volunteer decides to repair the connections that keep the people together, who are now lost and exiled. Controls Directional arrows: Move character Space: Repai
Descubre, a través de su familia virtual, el significado de lo que es estar en un hogar. Discover through your virtual family the meaning of being in home
Ride the waves on a journey to fight contamination with your guitar. Monta las olas en un viaje por la lucha contra la contaminación con tu guitarra.
The goats has been always the principal sacrifice animal in rituals, now is the time for revenge! Be the goat that sacrifice humans to revive his fellows.
This game is all about cooperative gaming, Migue and Ramona care a lot for each other, but suddenly Migue falls into a cave.