Past Games

CDC is a game about stopping the transmission of an epidemic across the US. You are the CDC commander and must place limited resources to stop the spread of the virus.
Mantis, the Ocelots, and Snake were once military companions in the Mantis Corp.
Tribez supports up to 4 players, and needs at least 2. In Tribez you are competing to knock opposing players into volcano as part of an ongoing ritual practiced by the tribes surrounding the volcano.
Aberration is a 2d/3d hybrid where the player is allowed to switch the perspective and search for the pieces you need to resurrect your deceased child.
What happened to Jon? Can you navigate his mind trying to replay the events of his day? The player can switch their reality either red or blue, each shows events or items in a different light.
Cops N' Robbers is a 1 flag CTF gametype in which two teams of 5 compete. The two teams are Cops and Robbers. The Robbers are defending their flag and the cops are raiding their casino to take it from them. The twist is that the robbers actually have an undercover cop on their team.