Melen Wi1

Past Games

Notre éboueur de l'espace favori à oublié de faire réparer son bouclier thermique.
What happens to a photon when submitted to a Copenhagen experiment ? You play a photon who has to get at least 50% of its mass out of the box.
Sing as the adorable whale Lucy to bring love to all depressed spacequatic creatures in the Universe! (A mic is required)
You are a voodoo warlock trying to accomplish a ritual, to do so you need to focus the power of your totems by clicking/taping them at the rhythm of your current energy color. Google play : https:/
Play as four with a friend who don't see what you are doing on the screen, only him can help you to success.
Weak-end est un jeu Top-down, très nerveux où pour une fois vous aurez la possibilité de jouer le boss du jeu. Mais pourquoi donc?