Past Games

Try to unleash chaos and loud noises in the Cinema Room without being caught by the ushers! Tente disseminar o caos e a bagunça e o barulho no cinema sem ser pego pelos lanterninhas!
Kate (Jacintha) is an Ice Lumberjack who decided to protect the environment. But now the rainforest where it lives is on fire. And it's f*uc&@$*#k483ing the environment.
The unstoppable amount of trash being thrown at the sea, created a new giant trash island. Three Special Creatures will help each other to save their home. The Pelican - Eat the Creatures from trash
Help the pidgeon send relevant letters (under construction) Game inspired in the song "Skyline Pigeon", by Elton John
Roger That is an asymmetric VR/non VR multiplayer game where players cooperate to defend a space station against a horde of gruesome aliens. A Google Cardboard with an Android Phone or similar and
Totem was developed for 2 or more players to face each other in a asymmetric way. While the PC player controls a Native Orc trying to take down a Totem, which is the power source of a sorcerer, the s
You are a knight and you have the duty of protect your king from every enemy on the screen.
You are facing a canvas without any ink to color it.
The little red square represents the heart, and falling squares are the problems of life. If avoid them they will fall over you even more and more , but if you face them you will learn from it and get stronger, but sometimes are so many problems, and your heart just can't take it anymore, so you deserve a rest, and a new beginning. O pequeno quadrado vermelho é o seu coração, e os quadrados que caem, problemas da vida, você pode fugir deles, mas isso só fara eles caírem mais e mais sobre você, mas se você os enfrentar, você se torna mais forte, e seu coração maior. Mas em certos momentos o coração não suporta tantos problemas então é a hora que se deve descansar, e começar outra vez.
You are a skydiver and you have to open your parachute in the right time. Você é um paraquedista e tem que abrir o para-quedas na hora certa.