Maynard Price

Past Games

Each player is a leading researcher in the field of magic. When a lost library is discovered, the players must sift through the texts for valuable insights that have been lost to the ages.
A solitaire board game where the player is a swordsman traveling around the land as part of a traditional journey of their people, only allowed to return once they have made a name for themselves out
A choose your own adventure text game set in space. Where will the box send you?
A game where you attempt to discover the secret magical rituals that are hidden inside an ancient tome. Gameplay revolves around selecting 3 of the available ritual components at a time and seeing
The game consists of a deck of 27 cards (found in ggj2015/cards; stats found in weCardStats.pdf), a set of 5 dice (each containing 3 "X" fails, and 3 "O" passes - one a "criti