Past Games

This game is about Doug. Doug is a smith. Doug likes ducks because they need a smith. Help the ducks to win the ongoing war by fixing their weapons.
A little snail is fed up with it's old home. It leaves his old home behind to embark on a journey, hoping to find a new and better home. Where will the little snail end up?
As BIR-BOT tumbles down into the phoenix-crater on Mars, losing various parts of his metal body, his only hope to escape is you - the last astronaut capable of sending him movement commands via the co
A game about a world that lives in waves.
You are trapped in a deadly ritual chamber and must gather the magical ingredients in order to free yourself from this nightmare. Deadly traps and your opponents will try to prevent you from reaching
This game is a story about a young person who is like an emo, emotionless with hidden feelings. During a trip he/she falls in a delirium. And now we are where our game takes place.

Hearty Games